About Small Cell Ovarian Cancer

Small Cell Carcinoma of the Ovary (SCCO) is a rare, highly malignant tumor that affects mainly young women. The median age of diagnosis is 24 years old. Approximately two thirds of patients with ovarian small cell carcinoma have hypercalcemia. SCCO is one of several types of ovarian cancer, all with the same general symptoms (See Symptoms Tab). Small cell ovarian cancer is very aggressive and grows very quickly. Therefore, we believe the importance of finding and treating this cancer early, while the tumor is relatively small, is critical. Keep in mind; many doctors have never seen a patient with small cell ovarian cancer. Some doctors who see a young woman with subtle symptoms and no family history of cancer may suggest that she perhaps has indigestion, or some other minor ailment. You must be your own strong advocate. If the symptoms are sudden and constant for 2-3 weeks, please be persistent. YOU KNOW YOUR BODY BETTER THAN ANYONE.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to raise awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer, make information about small cell ovarian cancer more readily available to future patients and their families, and to fund research into this dreadful disease.

Small Cell Ovarian
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Recent News

KUTV News a local tv station here in Utah did a piece about our story, you can watch it by clicking HERE

Small Cell Ovarian Cancer Foundation now has a Facebook Page!!
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The Ovarian Cancer National Alliance recently profiled our foundation in their September newsletter. Click Here to read the article.

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Scientists discover the cause of Small Cell Carcinoma of the Ovary, Hypercalcemic Type! Researchers from TGen, Memorial Sloan-Kettering and McGill University all found the same gene mutation and therefore each study acted as confirmation of the others. Next step:  targeted treatment!  For links to the articles published in Nature Genetics on March 23, 2014, go to our Articles Page. For more information on each study, or to be a participant, see our Helpful Links page. There is still more to be done, all three studies need more tumor specimens for their continuing research. 

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This story aired on KUTV Channel 2 News in Salt Lake City, Utah on November 14, 2014. Thank you to all our supporters for your assistance in raising awareness and promoting research. CLICK HERE to watch.

We are so pleased to announce the establishment of a Patient Registry specifically for small cell ovarian cancer through PatientCrossroads! Many wonderful people played an important role in making this registry a meaningful reality. We are grateful to PatientCrossroads for their guidance and for generously contributing numerous pro bono hours. 

The SCCOHT Patient Registry will allow patients diagnosed with SCCOHT, their families, and researchers to gather and share information in a safe, confidential, online database.

Click on the button below to register and enter diagnosis and treatment information for yourself or your loved one. 

New!  Patient Registry